Galactic - Disco Festival

Disco is back baby! This 70's-ish groovy festival was invented by me in my 3rd-year animation course. As a part of this project, I have created micro animations for the Festival's website - Including a loading icon, a switching on/off button, and of course - a groovy music player! 
Ramy the Rat

Ramy the Rat is the character you won't forget but will really want to. This fat, disgusting, 40-year-old man/rat represents the ugliness of Petah Tikva city and is the fictional mascot for the city tour company.
On this project, which was created for the Illustration course in 3rd year, we made a mascot and empty states for a website or an app. I have created Illustrations for Error, No data, positive affirmation, and onboarding. 
Special edition

Tinder logo animation

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