About My Trail - Game Pass feature

The Solitaire Grand Harvest studio decided to replace the missions feature (which was costing a lot to the game's economy), with a game pass feature to increase revenue and engagement with the missions. This feature showed HUGE success within a brief amount of time (19% revenue increase!).
I was working on this feature together with its leading designer.
My Trail consists of a reoccurring prize for players who reach the trail's end. While most of the mobile games with a game pass feature use a gift icon or a treasure chest, we looked for a more creative take, which will make sense with the reoccurring prizes, yet will stay loyal to the wooden aesthetic of the feature. 
The Mystery Doors
The Mystery Doors

A blend of a safe, treasure chest, and door
- Freemium and Premium versions
Fancy and mysterious farm aesthetic
- Open/Close mechanic match recurring prize
I was also in charge of art-directing the look and feel for The Golden Ticket - creating the blue ribbons with the golden tickets color palate, which does not overshadow the wooden background, yet adds the luxurious touch for after-purchasing the golden ticket on the trail (as shown above) and on monetization pop-ups.
About Grand Album - Cards collecting feature
Grand Album is a CRM feature, using card-collecting mechanics.
The players play Solitare, win album packs, Complete sets & win prizes, focusing on the Grand Prize for completing the entire album. This is a premium feature - the player works hard to complete the entire album.

 The Grand Album is a journey. Each card is a memory, a moment in time, or an object that the gamers collect along the way. 
I was working on this feature together with its leading designer.​​​​​​​ 
The Problem​​​​​​​

Usually, on card features, each card has a rarity that is represented by stars. On SGH, the star symbol is already being used on another feature (”Crop Master”). We wanted to find a different icon to avoid confusion among players.
Crowns as rarity symbols

This solution has impacted the style and the character of the whole ”Grand Album” Feature. The crown solution is associated with luxury and royalty which is suitable for the target audience in this meta feature - paying players, yet enjoyable for non-payers.

The crowns can be found on the packs and cards as mentioned, but also on Mia the Cat, the representing character of this feature which is seen with the crown on her collar. The Crowns are also used as a currency in the "Crown center", where collected crowns can be exchanged for more packs. 
Level Start Icon

As for promising a chance to win a higher rarity pack for playing at a higher difficulty level accordingly, I have created the "chance to win" icon, which was difficult to make due to its complex message, and difficult to place due to the multiple CTAs on the "Level Start" screen.
The Deco Booster

The Deco collection is a CRM seasonal event, where players earn Deco currency (which changes per season) while playing Solitaire. With the deco currency, they can buy seasonal items and decorate their farm. The monetization team wanted to create a feature, sold only at the store and pop-ups, which doubles the earned deco currency, limited in time & using icons only. The Solution - a dynamic icon with permanent add-ons of X2 (double, but can be used on x3, etc.), and a timer icon.
The Carrie Booster

Carrie, one of the most iconic animals on the SGH farm, is a win-streak feature, where players get extra cards to play with for finishing up to 5 levels in a row. This feature is one of the most lovable in the game and yet is problematic in the sense of economics, so it has transformed into a time-based Monetization feature,  sold only at the store and pop-ups. 
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